SenseAir®  is one of the worlds largest producer of infrared gas sensors – affordable precision Carbon Dioxide sensors for high volume applications.

SenseAir® AB develops and manufactures infrared gas sensors and controllers for both stand-alone operations and integration in other systems.  SenseAir® CO2 sensors are used in ventilation control for energy savings and a good indoor climate, process yield and economic outcome in many bio-related processes, personal safety, "for appliances built-in" etc.


The unique SenseAir®   Technology is based on the well-known principle of infrared (IR) absorption of radiation called the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique. This technique relies on the fact that molecules absorb light (electromagnetic energy) at spectral regions where the radiated wavelength coincides with internal molecular energy levels. By detecting the amount of light absorbed, within just a narrow band width that coincides with the resonance wavelength of the specie selected, one gets a measure of the number of molecules, free from interference of other species.

SenseAir® has become a leader in the field of NDIR (Non-dispersive Infra-Red) technology through its introduction of planar waveguide with gas diffusion properties. The measuring cell has been improved and is based now on cost-effective modern replication techniques in plastic. SenseAir holds a great number of patents relating to its proprietary measurement technique.


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