PTL Automation Technologies Private Limited (PTL), has been formed with the objective of offering Products and Technologies for Life sustainable development in the fields of Energy and comfort and its applications. PTL brings in famed Technological leadership from Germany and merges it with the vibrant Indian spirit of entrepreneurship.

This knowledge based company is committed to contribute towards strengthening the National and Global efforts in implementing Energy Efficient solutions and practices. This alone can ensure optimal usage of resources of the Earth.

The founding Directors of this Bangalore based company in India, are practicing Engineers from Germany and India The collective experience of 5 decades that they share between them, is rich with launching cutting edge technology in the field which PTL offers to its customers.

PTL’s business activities are defined into 4 business segments:

The companies and their products are:
SenseAir, Sweden - CO2 Sensors
MAMAC Systems, USA – IP Sensor Appliance, Sensors, Transducers
Produal Oy, Finland- Specialist of Building Automation Measurement Technology
Vector Controls GmbH, Germany – Sensors and Controls
VICONICS Electronics Inc., Canada- Microcomputer based HVAC Control Systems
PTL is the exclusive distributor for Standard Software Solutions from M/s Eagle Technology Inc., USA We also provide related software services. The products are:
CMMS Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
EAM Enterprise Asset Management

PTL provides Consultancy in the field of

IBMS Solutions for Buildings
Power & Cooling Solutions for Data Centers
Intelligent Green BuildingsTM – LEEDS Certification
PTL has in-house Technology for Bio-Gas Power Plants. We provide:

Consultancy, Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection and Commissioning for Bio-Gas run Power Plants. We have a record of more than 100 successfully running plants installed all over Europe and also in the US. During these times, when the Energy crisis is at its peak, our solutions come in as a very GREEN and Cost-effective solution. Our Plants run on:
Bio degradable waste from Agriculture, Food Industries, Landfill wastes, Human and Animal wastes etc.
Our latest Technology can generate power from Waste water like sewage, Breweries, sugar Industries etc.
PTL is committed to popularize Concepts, Products and Technologies that enables sustainable development on Earth. We shall strive to remain a knowledge based company with assets in cutting edge Technology, Experience incomparable strengths in Market reach.

The vibrancy of our young and enthusiastic team of professionals is determined to make PTL as the Market Leader and most respected name in the Industry. Your esteemed patronage and support will be met by our world class solutions and services. Together-shall we succeed.

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