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Return on Investment (ROI) is specific to your situation and ability to measure the return on your investment. Eagle Technology, Inc. has prepared a list of questions to help you determine where your return will come from. This list of questions is not all-inclusive and there may be specific improvements that are unique to your company.

Some companies simply use ProTeus because it gives them a documented process and/or it supports their LEAN or ISO projects. Other companies know it’s the right thing to do to maximize their equipment life and still others want to see the savings. No matter what your situation, PTL can help you and your companies install the ProTeus family of products to gain efficiencies.

Your evaluation team should look in the following areas for savings benefits:

Number of manual work orders x minutes to write
Cost of traveling to PM without correct parts
Paying for labor when equipment is under warranty
Number of DMs written by maintenance manager x minutes to write
Cost of scheduling currently – cost of scheduling with ProTeus and Multi-Cycle
Cost savings from reducing excess and obsolete spare parts
Time saved knowing exactly where spare parts are located
Time saved from scheduling a PM, getting there, and not having the parts or tools to do the job
  Building Systems
Cost savings from automated work order generation for runtime and alarm conditions
Efficiency and savings from your systems running at OEM specifications (fuel and equipment life)
Supports continuous commissioning and LEEDS recertification at the lowest costs
  Reports and Analysis
Time saved with extensive management and supervisory reporting
A true capability to measure performance, uptime, and repair or replace decisions
On-going savings after system is paid for
Our clients send us their savings experience from time to time, we will update these ideas for savings. Adding a BAS interface or converting from a manual to an automated system has the greatest advantages. Converting to ProTeus from an older CMMS system without Building Automation System Interface will yield a shorter return on investment. Spending money on any software package that is not fully implemented has the poorest return. That is why PTL + Eagle and its implementation team and partners will work with you to maximize your return.
  Download the ROI Matrix
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