Intelligent buildings maintenance
  Presenting ProTeus


Eagle Technology, Inc. has 20 years of facility maintenance software solutions experience to address Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) needs for any size organization.

ProTeus, interfacing to Building Automation Systems (BAS) is widely acclaimed as one of the most versatile CMMS/EAM software solutions in use at more than 3000 facilities, including airports, schools, food processing, government buildings, manufacturing, hospitals, retail and entertainment complexes.

ProTeus will help you extend equipment life, reduce costs/downtime and increase productivity/efficiency in your facility maintenance department. The system is easy to use and powerful, offering a wide spectrum of benefits such as:


The Power of ProTeus

  BenefitsEasy Integration

Seamless interface with major Building Automation Systems

The Enterprise version offers ERP system interface
  Building Automation Interface

Automatic generation of work orders from building alarms, triggers, and runtimes

Document corrective actions taken for LEED recertification
  Easy Installation

Import data from templates

Multiple languages and currencies for global operations
  Comprehensive Training

ProTeus is intuitive to use

Implementation planning and assistance

ProTeus can grow with your organization

Add capabilities as needed
  Multiple Locations

The maintenance of multiple locations can be overseen from a centralized command center

With ProTeus, you can manage the enterprise from your cubicle

ProTeus can be adapted to the unique requirements of your organization

All maintenance reports and graphs can be customized to your requirements
  Master PM Scheduling

Create work orders for planned and regulatory or preventive maintenance

Capture costs, labor hours, parts and contract dollars over the life of an asset
  Multi-Cycle Scheduling

Single point of maintenance scheduling for an asset for all cycles

PMs can be based on runtime
  Demand Maintenance

Enable efficient management of unscheduled, alarm-related or emergency work

Included is the ability to track causes of failure and associated downtime
  Inventory Management

Identify and manage parts and equipment used for maintenance

Eliminate obsolete parts
  Personnel Management

Ensures optimum manpower planning through creation of weekly or daily work plans

Objectively track and report productivity
  Vendor Management

Identify vendors/suppliers of parts and equipment where used

Create and track purchase orders
  Over 3000 enterprises across the world have completely transformed their facilities maintenance operations using the Power of ProTeus.
Have you?
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