The Question: Can buildings strike a balance between providing comfort to people and still sustain Energy efficiency?

PTL’s Answer: We provide you end-to-end solutions in controls for Heating, Ventilation and Air- conditioning. Our Energy Management solutions help you to experience the comforts from HVAC systems at a highly optimized consumption of energy.

The Question: How to have complete control of various management systems in the buildings, like, HAVC, EMS, Access, Surveillance, FDAs, Lighting, water, steam, gas etc.

PTL’s Answer: We use a highly reliable ‘Integrated Building Management System’ to empower you upon a complete control in all of these systems. Seamless communication from one system to another becomes possible (irrespective of the proprietary protocols).

The Question: Integrating all these systems at site, commissioning its hardware and software, and then maintaining them is a very tough job. Who will do this?

PTL’s Answer: PTL brings in experience of over two decades in providing ‘System Integration’ solutions all across Europe and Far East. Our experts, originating from Germany, have built up exceptional capability in our India team. Our offering is to supply the latest products and technologies, and integrate them into a Total Solutions on Building Automation.

The Question: Do you conduct Energy Audits and Advise on improving efficiency measures?

PTL’s Answer: That’s correct. We have in-house experts and auditors who would do this.


The Question: What arrangement do you have with the manufacturers like SenseAir, Produal, MAMAC, Viconics and Vector?

PTL’s Answer: We are the sole & exclusive Distributors of their products in India.


The Question: Are the ProTeus-V CMMS Solutions applicable both in Industry and Building Sector.

PTL’s Answer: Yes. Even in Infrastructural Projects.

The Question: How will I be assured of proper after sales service?

PTL’s Answer: We insist on a minimum 1 year paid contract for this, wherein, our Principals will offer all support and service through their Toll Free Phone call services and through PTL, who are their exclusive Distributors in India.


The Question: What is your experience and success rate in Biogas fuelled Power Generation Plants?

PTL’s Answer: Our Director Mr. Ludger Bodding, who is based from Germany, has installed and commissioned more than 100 similar plants all over Europe and also in the US. The plant sizes range from 200 kW to 3500 kW. They all are running successfully.

The Question: What are the waste materials that get used as the Input in Biogas Plants?

PTL’s Answer: These ranges from Agricultural wastes and surplus, Food Industry, Sugar and Brewery Industry, Animal Husbandry Industry wastes, Sewage, Grey Water, City wastes, and Human wastes.

The Question: What happens to the left over waste after the substrate is digested and BioMethane gas is extracted?

PTL’s Answer: Depending on the sources, the material leftover can be used as organic manure.

The Question: Can we earn “Carbon Credits” by generating Electric Power with Biogas?

PTL’s Answer: Yes. Since the Bio-Mass is not burnt, rather it is decomposed in absence of oxygen, thus the ratings that you earn by this process are far higher. BioMethane gas is the input to the IC Engine in this process and this breaks up into CO2 and water vapour. BioMethane, which is a Greenhouse gas is 25 times more harmful than CO2 .Hence by breaking CH4 in the Combustion Engine, we help in reduction of the Greenhouse effect.

The Question: Why should I invest in a Bio gas Power Plant?

PTL’s Answer: Biogas plants help recycle Bio-degradable wastes, generate and supply Electricity, the generated BioMethane gas can be supplied for various applications, Use of Heating recovery plan can supply thermal Energy for various Applications, Earn Carbon Credits, reduce Global warming, help the nation become Energy Efficient, enjoy Duty & Tax benefits on Capital Equipments, Avail Incentives and Loans from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Enjoy Income Tax benefits on the revenue generated from Renewable Energy Sources. Of course, become Richer.

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