Building and grounds maintenance management, heating and ventilation monitoring, maintenance, alarm and security system inspections are a part of today's airport maintenance management requirements. Ensuring passenger safety and comfort is vital in any aviation maintenance management scenario. ProTeus provides the means to guarantee complete maintenance inspections are accomplished and not overlooked. Keeping track of who, what, where, and when, ProTeus provides the data to support FAA, Homeland Security and other necessary regulatory requirements.

  ProTeus has some unique capabilities that make it the ideal
airport maintenance management solution.
Scheduling and tracking of work to authorized contractors
Track all maintenance activities by individual. asset and location
Track costs associated with all activities
Building Automation System (BAS) Interface insuring greater comfort, intelligent maintenance, lower energy costs and longer asset life

Some of the unique issues for airports include:

Environment Management
Airline Churn
Customer service and safety
Asset Management
Cost Containment
Integration with passenger, safety, security and airport management systems
ProTeus V with its Interface Module (IM) offers best-of breed asset management integrated in real-time to environmental building control systems and safety systems via BACnet.

ProTeus V tracks common use equipment, allows for tenant billing of emergency repairs, schedule of inspections required for local, state and federal code requirements, contractor licensing and security data while capturing costs on asset maintenance and repair.

  About ProTeus – Facility Maintenance Software Solutions
ProTeus is a state-of-the-art maintenance software offering preventive maintenance solutions to address computerized maintenance (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) needs in both small & large airports.

Each custom maintenance solution offers superb performance as well as robust features and functions.

ProTeus from Eagle is widely acclaimed as one of the most versatile maintenance systems, as they have been tried & tested across over 3000 facilities including intelligent buildings maintenance, plant & equipment maintenance and in airports/aviation facilities across the world.
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